SENSE of TOUCH: Love and Duty at Anne of Brittany’s Court

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Historical fiction, medieval romance

Praise for Rozsa Gaston’s historical fiction medieval romance

Love and Duty at Anne of Brittany’s Court

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ISBN: 978-0-9847906-2-3

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324 pages

$14.95 paperback, $2.99 ebook

Publication Date: May 13, 2016

Publisher: Renaissance Editions

Distributor: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram Book Company

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As of April 2018, Sense of Touch tops the Amazon Kindle Store Best Seller list in Renaissance History.

000 #1 Bestseller Ren History

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Official Review: Sense of Touch by Rozsa Gaston

Post by Acwoolet » 20 Apr 2017, 15:26

[Following is an official review of “Sense of Touch” by Rozsa Gaston.]

Book Cover

4 out of 4 stars

Review by Acwoolet

Sense of Touch: Love and Duty at Anne of Brittany’s Court is an exquisitely written historical fiction novel by Rozsa Gaston. Set in the late 1400’s, the story of Anne of Brittany, Queen of France, is told through the eyes of fifteen-year-old Nicole St. Sylvain, a member of Anne’s court. Through Nicole we witness the tragedies Anne faces due to the loss of five of her children and how she perseveres through those losses.

As daughter of a wealthy merchant and noble through her mother, Nicole is the sole heir to her family’s money, meaning she must marry into a well-founded noble family to secure her future. However, when she falls in love with a young horse trainer, Philippe de Bois, the plans her family has for her changes everything she has begun to hope for. As her relationship with Philippe begins to grow, Nicole also discovers that she has been given the gift of healing. With this gift, Nicole must attempt to heal the royal child, securing her place in court and giving her hope that she may be rewarded with what she truly desires.

Although the story of Anne of Brittany’s life is devastatingly tragic, the way in which this story is written tells her tale with great reverence without completely shattering the reader’s emotions. Nicole’s first person narration demonstrates the magnificent strength and perseverance that Anne carries throughout her life, all while continuing with her role as Queen of France. Anne’s role, not only as Queen in Nicole’s life: but complete roll model, confidante, and friend nurtured Nicole in ways that she had never expected.

Sense of Touch is a beautifully written novel that will transport the reader back in time, giving the reader a wonderful appreciation of what life was like in late Medieval France. The dialogue never leaves the reader in a dull moment and sets a strong steady pace for the entire novel. One will feel great compassion for Anne’s struggles in life all while cheering for Nicole as she discovers the person she is meant to become. The secondary characters, although not as prevalent, greatly fill out the story, leaving a well-rounded novel. The book itself is well edited, creating a very well composed novel and leaves the reader satisfied in their own role in the story.

I don’t know if I can express how much I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, the premise was incredibly intriguing, although I was somewhat hesitant due to how tragic Anne’s life was, I was pleasantly surprised how upbeat the novel was. I had a very hard time putting the novel down and ended up reading it in just a couple of sittings.

I give Sense of Touch: Love and Duty at Anne of Brittany’s Court a 4 out of 4 stars. This incredible novel will touch anyone who reads it, whether they are fans of historical fiction or not.

Jenerated Reviews weighs in on SENSE of TOUCH with five stars on Sept. 7, 2016.


Award-winning British writer Duncan Whitehead, author of the bestselling The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club gives SENSE of TOUCH five stars. Duncan Whitehead review by RG

Historical Novel Society review, Aug. 1, 2016

HNS review Aug. 1, 2016

Spend 60 seconds in the 1497 court of Anne of Brittany, Queen of France. Two lovers, duty-bound to part, pin their only hopes of happiness on a queen’s promise.

Discover Anne of Brittany between the pages of SENSE of TOUCH, a fictional love story set in her court. Lucky in love, unlucky in childbearing, Anne of Brittany ruled with authority while winning the love of two kings and the admiration of all Europe. Her tale will stay with you forever.

A. Holland Reads Blog review 8-2-16

Anne of Brittany firepit

InD’Tale Magazine Review, May 2016
4.5 out of 5 stars for SENSE of TOUCH
Crowned Heart award for excellence

InD'Tale Magazine review May 2016

InD'Tale Magazine ratings guide May 2016

RT Magazine Review, April 2016
4 stars out of 5 for SENSE OF TOUCH

RT Review Sense of Touch April 2016

“An enchanting historical romance about a young woman who is determined to marry her one true love, despite the many obstacles in her path. The heroine’s quest for self-determination defies the rigid social structure of Medieval Europe as it gives way to the Renaissance. Set in the court of Anne of Brittany, we also learn much about the woman who was twice Queen consort of France and her struggle to produce a living heir for the throne. Well-paced with period detail.”

The Westchester Guardian

“An exquisitely written piece that eloquently describes Queen Anne as the gracious, kind, yet shrewd monarch that she is, a woman before her time.”                                                                                                                                                                   —InD’tale Magazine


Anne of Brittany and Jean Bourdichon by Jean Maret, c. 1503

The Horse Whisperer meets costume drama based on true events. Rozsa Gaston weaves fact and fiction, made-up characters and historical figures as effortlessly as the artist of the unicorn tapestry she describes in SENSE of TOUCH.

Hilde van den Bergh, author of Hemmahoshilde Blog

Featured Image -- 830

“A fascinating look at a historical time when women fought to find their place in a man’s—and a king’s—world. Well written, too. Good pacing.”

—Jina Bacarr, author of Cleopatra’s Perfume

“A wonderful read filled with intrigue, adventures, passion and strength, SENSE of TOUCH lets the world know more about the much forgotten Anne of Brittany.”

—Clarissa Devine, author of Quirky Lady Bookworm Blog


Anne of Brittany and her maids of honor, St. Petersburg National Gallery

“An excellent read, a real page-turner. Anyone interested in romantic historical fiction will love SENSE of TOUCH. Set against the intriguing backdrop of French 15th century court life and its Queen, the strong, fascinating Anne of Brittany, the author skillfully weaves both real-life and fictional figures into this extremely well-written novel.”

—Toby Oliver, author of The Downing Street Plot


Anne of Brittany, Queen of France, by Jean Perreal, c. 1493

“One of the best historical romances I have ever read. Details of Anne of Brittany’s life intrigued me and the unfolding love story between two of her courtiers kept me turning the pages.”

—Dorothy Thompson

“Gaston brings the perspective of a smart, shrewd female leader with true admiration from the men in her world to print.”

—Kim Nagy, Wild River Review

“Nicole and Philippe’s gripping love story kept me turning the pages, but by the end of SENSE of TOUCH it’s Anne of Brittany’s story that I can’t forget. Gaston paints this French queen as both fiercely feminist and deliciously feminine. Already a fan of Gaston’s books (especially Paris Adieu), this one is her best. On final page of the book it says the sequel is called Anne of Brittany: Girl Who Ruled  a Country. Cannot wait to read it!” — BC Piturro





7 thoughts on “SENSE of TOUCH: Love and Duty at Anne of Brittany’s Court”

  1. Sarah Brennan said:

    hi, i loved both Sense of Touch and Anne and Charles. I wrote a review on Amazon for Anne and Charles, in excitement for your offer of the ebook of Anne and Louis. Next I’m going to get the Budapest book. I wish there had been books like this when I had to study history in school. You brought that era so to life, and made it relevant to so much humanness that is our joy and our plight today. Thank you for writing these! All best wishes and happy, long life to you! (I’m not on Facebook so I hope you get this instead of a post there).

    • So nice to read your comment, Sarah Brennan, thank you for your review. I’ve got you in my datebook for Oct. 2018 release of Anne and Louis. As soon as it’s out, I’m sending the e-book your way. May fairy dust fall on your shoulders for letting readers know how much you liked Anne and Charles. Enjoy Budapest Romance!

  2. Elizabeth Allen said:

    I’m loving the Anne off Brittany series!! I’m almost finished with book three and just discovered there is a fourth book!! When will it be published??? I was ready to purchase it today!! I hope the wait is not long!! Tomorrow I plan to leave a berry positive review for all three books!

    Elizabeth Allen

    • Music to my ears, Elizabeth Allen! Just finishing up first draft of Anne and Louis Forever Bound. Should be out by Dec. 2020, possibly sooner. I will be delighted to see your reviews, which will help readers discover Anne of Brittany. If you are on Facebook, come visit the Anne of Brittany Series page so that the good duchess can make you a courtier. Brava, Elizabeth! — Rozsa Gaston, Author, Anne of Brittany Series

    • Elizabeth Allen – Anne and Louis Forever Bound is on pre-order now at It comes out May 10 in paperback and ebook edition. I hope you enjoy this final book of the Anne of Brittany Series and will post a review. Absolutely loved your review of the series. Thank you! – Author Rozsa Gaston

  3. Hi Rozsa, I tracked you down! It’s Bill Wolff here, from the Chatroom. I just downloaded A/L #1. Didn’t know you were so famous 🙂 Take care, and maybe “see”you soon back in the Room!! Best, Bill

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