Lyric coverLyric was released by Astraea Press on July 29, 2013. This contemporary romance takes place in Bronxville, NY, one of my favorite villages in all the world.

The story is about a hedge fund marketer who loses her job but gains her soul when she finds a new position as a teaching assistant at the local school. Her new responsibilities include playing with first graders in the after school program. She finds her duties far more satisfying than talking to voicemail machines trying to raise money for extraordinarily rich people from others just like them. Surprise!

When she meets Dawes Van Dusen, an itinerant landscape architect working on a temporary project in Bronxville, sparks fly. For once, a man pursues her who has manners, is literate, conversational, good-looking and actually knows how to cook. Did I mention this is fiction?

Dawes and Lyric hit it off until Dawes wins a bid for an upcoming project in order to stay in town and see where things might go with Lyric. She has another idea for the use of the only remaining public land space in town.

Stuff happens and there’s even a flying chicken leg toward the end of the story. Suffice it to say that it’s a perfect summer read and I hope you will load up your e-reader with Lyric. If you review my tale on I will thank you heartily with a gift of your choice of any of my other books, paperback or ebook editions. Happy reading, dear friends!


Rozsa Gaston

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