Nadirah Foxx

Title: The Least Foolish Woman in France
Author: Rozsa Gaston
Genre: Historical Romance
Publication Date: April 12th, 2019
In a startling twist on the #MeToo movement, discover the secret torment of a future king of France caught between two royal sisters-in-law: one his worst nightmare, the other the deepest desire of his heart.
Anne de Beaujeu is France’s most powerful woman in 1491. Yet she can’t have the one thing she wants most: the love of Louis, Duke d’Orléans, future king of France. Why not? He’s already in love with another Anne.
Anne of Brittany is the bride of Charles VIII, King of France and Louis’ brother-in-law through Jeanne of France, Louis’ wife. Forced at age fourteen to marry the hunchbacked sterile second daughter of Louis XI, Louis is caught in the web of the…

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