Louis I, Duke of Orleans, was the grandfather of Louis XII, King of France and Anne of Brittany’s second husband.

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Louis I, Duke of Orleans

The political situation in France in the early fifteenth century was precarious to say the least. King Charles VI began suffering intermittent bouts of mental illness since an incident of violence in the summer of 1392. He had made arrangements during one of his lucid moments for the government of the realm to be handled by his wife Queen Isabeau and a select group of councilors. But some of Charles’ relatives felt they could manage the government better, mostly for their own self-serving ambitions. The two men who stood to gain the most were the king’s brother Louis I, Duke of Orleans and their cousin John the Fearless, son of Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy.

At first Louis had the advantage due to being the brother of the king rather than the cousin. John the Fearless remained out of French politics until his formidable…

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