Hlde van den Bergh of Hemmahoshilde blog vividly describes the short and happy marriage of Arthur, Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon.

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As you could read earlier on my blog Catherine of Aragon was betrothed to Prince Arthur of Wales since she was 3 years old. In 1497 they had been betrothed by proxy and 19 may 1499 they were married by proxy. He wrote after that to “his dearest spouse”

“I cannot tell you what an earnest desire I feel to see your Highness, and how vexatious to me is this procrastination about your coming. Let [it] be hastened, [that] the love conceived between us and the wished-for joys may reap their proper fruit.”

He also told the Spanish ambassador on that day that

“He much rejoiced to contract the marriage because of his deep and sincere love for the Princess”.

In 1501 when they both were 15 it was finally time to meet each other in person and celebrate.

Catherine of Aragon 1 Burchett, Richard; Preparatory Sketches of Prince Arthur and Katherine of Aragon; Parliamentary Art Collection.

catherine of aragon 16 Portraits…

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