Read about betrothal plans for Anne of Brittany’s daughter Claude of France from Hemmahoshilde Blog by Hilde van den Bergh.

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10 august 1501 the marriage contract between Claude of France and future Holy Roman emperor Charles V was signed by the French and 4 ambassadors sent by Philip the Handsome. Charles V was promised he would inherit Brittany. Anne of Brittany and Philip the Handsome were the ones that liked this betrothal the most. Anne of Brittany wanted to keep Brittany separated from the French throne and this way Brittany wouldn’t fall in the hands of a heir to the French throne. Philip the Handsome preferred to get land close to Flanders since it would be a lot more practical to keep contact and to defend it than land far away. Philip didn’t listen to his noblemen that suggested to just travel by sea and skip traveling through France altogether. Philip and Joanna started their journey to Spain on 4 November 1501. They left their three young children in the…

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