From the erudite European scholar Hilde van den Bergh, a short witty post on Anne of Brittany.

hemmahoshilde (@Hilde's home)

Just like Anne of Brittany needed a break from being the queen of France after her husbands death in 1498 I needed a break from reading and writing about her for a while. But now that I’ve read that Rozsa Gaston is going to write a book about her I decided it was time to read and write some more about what happened after Charles VIII death in 1498.

Anne of Brittany wanted a break after his death and that was understandable after she had lost 7 children in 7 years.Unfortunately for her her marriage contracted stated that she was to marry the next king of France if Charles VIII would die without male heirs.

The next king of France was going to be Louis XII. Louis XII was already married to his cousin Joan of France so Anne of Brittany said she would only marry him if he…

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