Running-from Love- Greenwich Post photo 1-9-14 Farrah Foley runs the way she runs her love life – too cautiously. She slows down just when it’s time to fly. Getting dumped with no explanation by the love of her life, she’s determined never to put herself in that position again. When Jude Farnesworth comes along, she reads him all wrong She thinks she can never measure up to the kind of women who hail from Jude’s town of Greenwich, Connecticut. She has no idea that Jude is attracted to the quality in her she’s trying hardest to hide.
Jude Farnesworth knows a lot about being in between two groups, belonging to neither. He wants to write about that experience. He knows you’ve got to be a bit uneasy to be hungry enough to write — and he is. When he meets Farrah, he feels as if he’s arrived somewhere he really belongs. For the first time, he wants to be an insider, the only other member of Farrah’s club. But when Farrah discovers Jude is writing a book called How to Marry Money, she leaves him behind in the dust. Will Jude be able to catch her at the finish line? Read Running from Love and find out. Greenwich Post 1-9-14 Running from Love